• Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith

    Director/Storyteller/Designer/Photographer/Cook. This is where I am going to find my voice again.

  • San Florack

    San Florack

    Strategist ★ Tweets about (Trans) Media Technology and Brands ★

  • dana


  • Author Mandy Carroll

    Author Mandy Carroll

    I am an author, poet and artist through fabric arts. Seek solutions from the other side of the looking glass.

  • Our_manPLA


    Freelance Writer for entertainment website PauseLiveAction and http://Metro.co.uk. Actor. Teacher. Witty B@stard Homepage: http://www.pauseliveaction.wordpress.com

  • Joselyn Bickford

    Joselyn Bickford

    Fun enthusiast. Feminist. Creative content thinker and maker at CP+B. Fifth generation Oregonian and Oregon Duck.

  • davefletcher


    Founder & Director of The Mechanism, a NYC digital agency founded in 2001.

  • Steven Farmer

    Steven Farmer

    Short bios suck. #WWMBD?

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